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Updates and First Images of Healy/Denali-2012

As most of my readers already know (because I whined about it in no less than 3 posts), my Nikon DSLR had an unfortunate accident and is currently in the camera hospital.

So I have been forced to pull my Canon point-and-shoot out of retirement for the time being.

It sucks. Plain and simple.

But I am photo crazy, so it will have to do for now.

Here are a few snap shot from the past few days.

View of Mt. Healy from my home…in Healy!

Nenana River


There’s still plenty of snow covering the nearby mountains, but the weather is warming up with each passing day. The days are getting longer as well. I heard someone say that we gain 7 minutes of daylight everyday. As it stands, it does not get dark until well after midnight. I have heavy curtains on the window in my room, but soon I will have to tape up black garbage bags as well. I can’t sleep with any light in my room.

The employees arrive in a few days and I am so excited to meet my Front Desk team for the 2012 season. I have a feeling it’s going to be the best one yet.

I’m really missing my hubby and it doesn’t help that he’s loved around these parts. Everyone has been asking about him and why he’s not coming back this season. It’s awesome how much people care about him, but it makes me sad to explain that he wasn’t able to come back because we got married (couldn’t get a work visa).

As much as I love Denali and working here, I hope the next 5 months fly by.

We’ll see.


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It’s Breakup Time!: The Nenana Ice Classic

The Nenana Ice Classic is an annual contest/lottery held each year in the Alaskan city of Nenana (just an hours drive from my summer home of Healy).

Photo courtesy of

The contest challenges individuals to guess the exact date and time of the breakup of ice on the Tenana River.

After the ice forms each winter, a tripod is placed about 300 ft. from shore in the middle of the frozen river. A device is attached to the tripod that records the moment the ice goes out.

Raising of the tripod. Photo by Diane Jensen

It may sound a bit underwhelming to those not familiar with the contest, but for a lot of people (including moi) it’s all very exciting. The winner(s) have the potential to rake in quite the amount of cashola (depending upon how many pick the same date/time, of course–last year 22 people shared the pot).

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