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Help a Girl Out!

Via (the best camera website around)

Hey all!

I’d normally never come on here and ask for a favor, but this time I am!

Pictureline, a camera company in Utah (and other states as well, I believe), is giving away a Nikon D800. The camera is Nikon’s newest release and IT. IS. AMAZING!

I am a total Nikon fiend, so this is my dream camera.

If you would be so kind to click on the link below, and “Like” Pictureline, as well as sign up for the contest (if you are a U.S. resident), I get an extra entry into the giveaway! Plus, you are entered to win yourself! If I can’t win it, I would love for one of my readers to!

Completely quick and easy. Oh, and you would totally be helping moi out!

Thanks a million!



Apparently, when I feel sorry for myself…

…I shop.

I’ve pretty much been in bed since Monday (refer to my previous post to find out why).

But yesterday I couldn’t stand it anymore and I had to get outside.

I took a quick trip to Pictureline to look for a camera bag. Bad idea. In less than 10 minutes I spent $220. I just couldn’t help myself! Oh, and I didn’t even get a camera bag. The salesman was extremely helpful and nice, he even complimented my engagement ring.

I bought this little baby:


Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens



I also picked up a filter for it and for my 18-200mm lens (I feel better now that the glass is somewhat protected).

It was an expensive 10 minutes.

Anyway, I got home and went to put the filters on my lenses. The 52mm fit my new lens just fine, but I must have been high (or just sick to my stomach and in a rush to get home, more likely) and bought the wrong size for my 18-200mm lens.

I had already cut the stickers on the sides of the filter packaging when I realized it was the wrong size. I immediately looked up Pictureline’s return policy: NO returns/exchanges on opened merchandise. CRAP!

I called the store and told them what happened. The guy said it would be fine and to just bring it back today, which I did.

The clerk asked me if I had opened it, I admitted I had, but explained that I hadn’t taken it out. She was really nice about it and let me exchange it for the right size (thus saving me from spending $50 on something I couldn’t use). Weirdly, she also complimented my engagement ring (I am beginning to think they are trained to do that), while wearing a HUGE diamond herself. Hmmm.

Luckily, I got out of there without spending a dime more. I actually have a $10.00 store credit as the filter I needed was cheaper.

(I must stop and HIGHLY recommend Pictureline. They’ve been fantastic. I will definitely be going back.)

So after my shopping spree, I had the awesome job of telling V. what I had done. He was pretty cool about it, but I could tell he isn’t all that pleased with my spending habits. I have an awful feeling he is going to crack the whip when I move to BG!

The only reason why I had the money in the first place (or rather, will have the money) is because I did my taxes a few nights ago and I’m getting a refund. Yes, I spent some before I even got it. Eek.

I am happy to say, however, that with the rest of my refund I am paying off TWO credit cards! It feels fantastic to say that.

Isn’t all this riveting? Maybe I need to decide what is and isn’t post-worthy, but after spending nearly 5 days straight in bed, this is about as exciting as it gets!