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Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

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Alaskan Winter Break-Up

Break up in #Alaska

This time of year in Alaska – when the snow and ice are melting into ankle-breaking piles of slush and sock-soaking frigid puddles – is known as “break-up.”

Break-up is a sure sign that spring is waking from its long slumber and will soon turn the white and dead landscape into a myriad of lush, beautiful colors.

One must deal with this rather unpleasant time of year in order to get to the gorgeous Alaskan summers which are, unfortunately, all too short-lived.

So here I am, reveling in the sight of asphalt and patches of brown grass. We may not get cherry or plum blossoms, bright daffodils, or delicate tulips, but spring here is beautiful and exciting, nonetheless!

Spring is here! Hurrah!



Spring in Salt Lake

Happy to be back amongst these gorgeous mountains! #saltlake #utah #rockies #mountainloverUtah weather is fickle. It can be sunny and beautiful one day and then snowy any gray the next. I’ve lived in Salt Lake City (err… a suburb of the city, anyway) all my life, but I am still not used to sudden weather changes.

#supposedtobespring #utahweatherTrees in my brother's backyard. #trees #sky #isthisspring?

When I got back to SLC about a week and a half ago, the weather was gorgeous. The first day of spring brought rain and snow. After such a mild winter in Bulgaria this year, I was actually a little glad to get to experience some real Utah snow. Even with the cold snap, spring is still making an appearance.
#beautiful #spring #flowersEven with the recent snowfall, Spring is still making a show! #utah #saltlake #springflowersDespite the cold, Spring is making an appearance!While the weather is sure to warm up quickly here, I can’t say the same for Alaska – where I am headed this weekend.

Over the weekend, Trapper Creek (my new home!) got over 3 feet of snow. With winter weather advisories still in place for parts of the state, it looks like Spring is still a glimmer in the distance for the 49th state!

I’m a little stressed because my winter boots and wool coat are in Bulgaria. It looks like I will have to make do with whatever I can scrounge up at my mom’s house for a few weeks!

How is Spring doing where you are? 


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April Showers

The past few days have been rainy and blustery here in Salt Lake City. The forecast for this weekend is more of the same.


I am a rain and storm loving girl, so it’s perfectly fine with me. Sure, it would have been nice to have sunny weather so I could go out fishing on my bro’s new boat or on a nice photo walk somewhere, but it’s been far too long since I’ve experienced some nice rain showers.


In Bulgaria we had plenty of snow showers, but not much in the rain department.

My plan for the day is to curl up on my bed with a hot cup of tea, listen to the soothing sounds from outside, eat leftover Pad Thai, and possibly get some work done. The days of working at home in my pjs and not having to venture out for a “big kid” job are quickly coming to an end.


Off to Denali in less than 3 weeks!



Wordless Wednesday: Early Spring Blooms



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Home Alone

The past two days I’ve had the apartment all to myself.

It is pure heaven!

Yesterday, Vince and his parents (whom we live with, if you didn’t know) went to Plovdiv for a Dr’s appointment for his dad and did not return until late in the afternoon.  I slept in, enjoyed some coffee staring out the window into the sunshine which has finally made its way to Smolyan, did some blog stuff, and then started my work for the day.

Today, I am home alone again as the rest of the fam went to our village house to clear away snow and get it ready for the spring (when we will be spending much more time there). Again, I chose to enjoy my freedom by sleeping in and having the place to myself rather that going along and freezing my buns off in the snow. I can be a bit of a princess at times! 😉

Which reminds me… I haven’t had my coffee this morning. Please stand by…


Yes. I went and made coffee and cereal then proceeded to take pictures of it. Oh, the things I do when I am alone! Who am I kidding? I would do this even if I weren’t alone!

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