Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)


A Visit to Talkeetna

Nagley's Store - Talkeetna, Alaska
Yesterday, Vince, myself, and one of my employees volunteered in Talkeetna for their Earth Day festivities.

Talkeetna – a quirky little town of about 800 residents – is about an hour from where we live. It’s famous for being the home base for climbers of Mt. McKinley, the inspiration for the town of Cicely on the TV show Northern Exposure, and as the filming location for the Disney film Snow Dogs.

Bustling downtown #Talkeetna, #Alaska. Can't wait for many summer adventures here!Untitled

I’ve visited the town several times in years past but it never gets old. I absolutely love its artsy vibe, unique stores, and fun restaurants.

After helping out the National Park Service at their event, we headed to the Roadhouse for a treat. Vince and I shared a giant cinnamon roll with frosting. Oh my. It was delicious! We’ll definitely be stopping by again on our next visit.Talkeetna RoadhouseTalkeetna RoadhouseEnjoying a "Frosty" after our Earth Day volunteer project. So good!He said it was "too sweet." He has so many things to learn, my new American boy! ;)

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Salmon Fishing: Take Two

I want to post every detail of today-yet another amazing day off- but, alas,  I am utterly and completely exhausted from the days activities and eager to get into my warm, comfy bed. This post will suffer as a result!

Our fishin’ gang from last week (sans Vince, who had to work today… Sad face!), went back out to Sunshine Creek. Today was MUCH more productive for me!

I hooked 11 salmon. Yeah. That’s right.It was incredible fishing today!

I threw back 4 small ones and lost a few. I ended up netting 1 Red salmon and 3 Silver salmon (shhh, that’s one over my limit! Don’t tell!).

This morning I was worried that today would be a repeat of last week. You know, me being the only one of us to not catch a single fish. Thankfully, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

It poured rain pretty much all morning and was a bit cold, but I couldn’t have cared less! I was ecstatic to catch one fish, let alone 8!

After we finished up for the day we took our fish into Talkeetna. I decided to have mine smoked, that way I can take some home to Utah and Vince can take some home to Bulgaria. They take about a week to smoke, which means another trip to Talkeetna to pick them up is on the agenda.

We ate lunch at a place called Twister Creek Restaurant, where I also enjoyed an Agave Gold beer by the Denali Brewing Co. It was pretty tasty. I have to say I have really enjoyed my past few days off (next week I am off to Copper River and Valdez, so the streak will likely continue!).

Now I am off to bed, probably to dream of wriggling, slimy salmon!

Thanks to K. and my other fishing buds for a great day. It will definitely live in my top Alaskan moments.

First Silver (that I kept)

Whackin' the fish

Red salmon!

Me, K. and H.

Another Silver

Reeling one in

Yet another Silver!

Well earned beverage at the end of the day