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Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

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Catching Up…Again!

I am a huge slacker. Plain and simple.

Since getting to AK, I have only turned my laptop on a few times. My iPhone is enough for most things, but clearly not for blogging as I haven’t posted much of anything for weeks!

Many apologies.

My boss and I picked up Vince and one of my employees in Anchorage earlier this week. He’s thrilled to be back; that boy LOVES Alaska! He doesn’t start working for another week, so he has just been hanging out.Vince's first night back in Alaska.

This weekend we drove the 2 hours to Denali and Healy to spend the night and go to a former co-worker’s annual wine party. It was a blast seeing everyone and enjoying free-flowing adult beverages, fancy appetizers, and their stunning view. Visiting our peeps in HealyUntitled#sunset over #denali #alaska

We also got to eat at our favorite dive bar/diner (Totem Inn). Their Monte Cristo sandwich is To.Die.For! Yum! #montecristo #denalieats #toteminn #alaska

About 2am this morning, I got a call from a friend that the Northern Lights were out. I bundled up and headed out into the below zero temps. They were indeed performing their usual swirling dance. Even though they weren’t super bright, they are still so beautiful and I am in awe every time I am lucky enough to see them.I didn’t have my Nikon with me, unfortunately, so I wasn’t able to get any photos. Untitled


Another weekend has come and gone far too quickly. Back to work tomorrow! We are planning on a more low key weekend next week. I have gone to Denali the past two weekends, and although the drive is beautiful, I am looking forward to sticking closer to home for awhile!

What have you been up to lately? I miss interacting with everyone! 



First Week

I’ve been back in Alaska for a week now and what a week it has been!

A nice note outside my office. #newjob #awarmwelcome

Over the past seven days I:

-traveled from Utah to Alaska

-moved into our summer room at the lodge

-started my new year round job with Princess

-delighted in the fact that I now have a “big kid” job (and even my own office!)

-ventured into Trapper Creek for a mail run and coffee treat

-breathed a sigh of relief when Vince passed through immigration at Salt Lake City International – my man is now a permanent U.S. resident!

and just generally reveled in being back in one of my favorite places on earth

Never going to get sick of seeing this beautiful mountain! Can't believe I live here! #mckinley #alaskaA quiet Friday night. #tgif #silent #alaska #sorelaxing

The only thing missing is my sweet hubs.

Thank goodness he gets here in just a few days!


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Greetings from Trapper Creek, Alaska


I arrived in Anchorage yesterday afternoon and after some shopping and a 2 hour drive, I arrived to my room at the McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge complex.

It is here that Vince and I will be working and living from now on.

I left Utah feeling confused and unsure, but now that I am here I know it’s where I belong. Alaska always seems to be calling Vince and I back, so we are thrilled to call the state our new, permanent home.

I start my new job tomorrow and things will be crazy busy for the foreseeable future, but I plan on blogging as much as possible! If you’d like to keep up with the happenings around the Dimovi homestead, follow me on Instagram -I’m posting photos right and left these days!

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Let me begin by saying that today was AWESOME!

Our day-off mini-vacation started yesterday after work. Vince and I, along with 3 friends, traveled 2 hours south of Denali and spent the night at another Princess Lodge (Mt. McKinley Princess) located near Trapper Creek.

Moose sighting on our drive down to Talkeetna

Hiding in the massive Fireweeds!

We went to dinner and then to the employee kickball tournament (where Vince met a distant relative of his from Bulgaria-whose husband, Allan, was our fishing guide extraordinaire today. Small world!

We got an early start this morning and met Allan at his cabin. After loading up on homemade cappuccinos and banitsa, we headed off to Sunshine Creek for some salmon fishing.

Sunshine Creek

Long story short, I didn’t net a darn thing! Everyone else, including Vince, got some beautiful, big red salmon. After over 5 hours, hooking/wrestling with 5 and losing 3 lures (those suckers put up a fight!), it became apparent that it just wasn’t my day.  We packed up and headed into Talkeetna for some lunch and a look around.

Vince's first catch

Second red salmon of the day, he is so proud!

Talkeetna is a unique little town. It is the starting point for most climbers on Mt. McKinley and has an artsy, small-town vibe.

Talkeetna, Alaska. My shirt looks very odd in this photo!

We ate lunch at a colorful little pizza joint then took a walk down the main street out to the Susitna River. Afterwards, we did a little shopping-including buying Allan some replacement gear for the lures/spinners that we lost.

LOVED the cheerful tables and chairs

On the banks of the Susitna River

Girls-only photo!

It couldn’t have been a more gorgeous day. The weather was clear and warm and I even got a little sunburn! The only thing that would have topped it off would have been for the mountain to have been visible (Talkeetna is a mere 40-miles from the base), but oh well!

We had such a good time that we are planning another trip for next week. I hope I am able to get the day off! I am determined to catch a salmon! Vince and I are even thinking of having whatever we catch smoked so we can take it home, which is good because I happen to love smoked salmon.

I am home now and should be in bed, but I had to get a post up before turning in. It was just such a great day and I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone!

Salmon fishing in Alaska, another item down on my Alaskan bucket list!