Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)


Black Friday

As I write this, I am still trying to recover – both physically and mentally – from my Black Friday shopping adventures.

First, let me say that I am not a huge shopper. That’s not to say that I don’t know how to spend money, no that’s never been a problem for me, unfortunately (just ask my husband). What I mean is that I don’t enjoy that hunt for a so-called ‘fantastic’ bargain.

Until Thursday night, I had never been to any post-Thanksgiving doorbuster sales. I was a Black Friday virgin. Somehow, being trampled by throngs of stressed out housewives, aggressive men, old ladies, and mouthy teenagers all in an attempt to save a few dollars on something useless, never seemed like a productive way to spend an evening/early morning.

How then did I find myself pushing my way through a Walmart at 10pm at night? Well, a temporary bout of insanity is all I can come up with as I sit amongst the aftermath (piles of shopping bags on my bedroom floor).

My friend A. convinced me to go with her, and as my turkey-coma was starting to wear off, I thought I had the energy (I was sorely mistaken) and maybe it would be good for me to try something new.

I hadn’t looked at a single ad. I did not need anything. But boy howdy, when hundreds of people are rushing a pallet of Rubbermaid containers, some fundamental human need for a set of nesting Tupperware must take over, because the nest thing I knew I too was rushing towards the boxes. There was nothing I wouldn’t do to get my hands on that 30-piece set of amazingness*.

*Turns out the containers are actually really cool and I will be taking them with me to Bulgaria. Vince has a lack of food storage options, in my opinion!

A., too walked out with the $6.00 set of Rubbermaids and we made our way past the hundreds of cars back to where we had parked (illegally along the road).

Next, A. thought we should hit up Target, which didn’t open its doors until midnight and, thus, already sported an enormous line that wrapped around the entire building.

By this point, Rubbermaids nestled safely away in the back of A’s SUV, I had had enough and realized this Black Friday business definitely wasn’t for me – I would much rather be home in my bed, warm and cozy.

But I couldn’t abandon A., so we waited (read froze) in the 2 hour line.

All in all, it was an orderly affair. I have to give props to the employees (and massive amount of cops) at the Target. They kept the peace, made sure people stayed out of the road, and didn’t let everyone stampede the doors when they finally opened.

When A. and I were allowed in, I made a mad dash towards the electronics department. From the time we were at Walmart, my aunt had been calling me to see if I could get my hands on a Wii for my 6 year old cousin. No luck at Walmart, where there was a huge line inside the store just for the Wiis.

Target came through for me and I was able to snatch one up.

After A. grabbed a few things, we found ourselves in yet another winding line to checkout. Unfortunately for me, said line wound its way through the cosmetics and toiletries section when I just had to pick up a few more things, of course (inset face palm here).

Overall, the lengths I saw people go to (like camping out for 2 days at Target for a flat screen TV) to “save” money shocked me.

I stood in awe the entire time just trying to figure out why people do this. I’m still clueless!

Weirdly, even after waiting for hours with nothing to show for it, I heard a lot of people saying they love Black Friday and think it’s fun. FREAKS! 😉 American materialism at its best, I suppose.

I am glad that I was able to help my aunt and uncle out and spend a few hours with one of my closest friends, but it was a harrowing experience that I don’t care to repeat any time soon.

I think I’ll go lie down now (and lovingly eye my Rubbermaids), 🙂